Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the Bottom of the Two- Man Pile


B leaves for college in a few weeks. He is enjoying his final weeks of summer assisting with the high school football program.
This season’s story will be Y’s journey. He is essentially new to the sport. Although he was B’s main competition at age 2, he took little from his experience other than bruises, and bumps. He spent most of his time on the bottom of the two- man pile.
A profile of Y includes a never ending smile. The braces are off, and his cute ‘little brother’ look has been replaced by ‘smooth guy’ good looks. He has been growing a lot. He has grown over four inches in the past year, gained a few pounds, and chiseled a well defined 8pack set of abs.
Is he without trials? No. The most recent major disappointment was getting cut from the summer basketball program. He was weakly told he needed to grow more. It has also been a little tough for him in the friend department. Most of his friends from middle school have replaced guy friends with girl friends, leaving time for little else. And, despite his growth spurt, he is still under size, weight, and coordination for a Varsity sports program at a 4A school.
Nevertheless, he has other resources. This year’s challenge will be to see how much of an advantage you can make with being smarter than most. His body will continue to grow. By the size of the skis he calls his feet, he will surely see at least a few more inches. I can assure you he will not physically peak in high school- which is a good thing for a kid who has dreams of playing beyond. He has a never quit attitude. This enables him to believe in practicing basketball every day despite getting axed by the program.
Several weeks ago, he was running on the track. I was timing him for his conditioning test. As he rounded the corner toward his second 100 yards, he looked strong. I can truly say, I saw his physical potential. I think it far exceeds what Y can comprehend. He has always been the little brother- in all the ways.
In many ways, I am beginning to see the emergence of the man he is to become; I hope he can soon see it too.
As far as expectations for this season: Hmmm. I think I can say I have learned that no matter how studly he may or may not be defined as an athlete- that part will be second to everything else.
I am buckled up and ready to enjoy the ride. So, football fans across the states, we embark on the 2010 football season with great anticipation.
To be continued. . .