Sunday, September 5, 2010

Complacency--With A Smile Of Delight

Friday night was the first Varsity football game of the season. Y plays JV as it is his first year to the sport, but B was assisting as a Varsity coach. Essentially, I was just a passive spectator. I came to support this year’s team- a little, but mostly I wanted to see B in action as a coach. He looked sharp, even a little tough. During the National Anthem, he stood at the back of the team, with other coaches. My eyes glanced to the row and position where he had stood last season, next to his quarterback. Those spots were occupied by this year’s players. It was a moment difficult to describe. A year ago, there was much anticipation and excitement, with the prospect of a football scholarship. This year – complacency—with a smile of delight. Although last season’s story was told differently than initially hoped for, it was filled with respect, growth, and peace. At 17, B learned the Lord will determine his course; it is simply his job to decide whether to follow.

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