Tuesday, September 28, 2010

He Co-Led the Attack

Last night’s game took us to a town about an hour away. Mid-way through the second quarter, I realized the familiarity of where I was. Last time we were here was two years ago at a Varsity game. I remember the slight breeze, and the popcorn, or rather kettle corn they sold me during the 4th quarter. There were no concessions open, but I enjoyed the warmth of an atypical September evening. The team we played deserved the respect it was getting this season. Just into the 4th quarter, the score was still tied 3-3. I found myself hap-hazardly watching the game. Then, the gait of the far side receiver caught my eye. #20 had entered the ball game. He did his part (brilliant blocks and decoy running routes) to help his team march down the field and score their first touchdown of the game. Then- that was it, #20 returned to the sidelines for the rest of the game.
At one point, my husband leaned over and asked me who Y was talking to. I looked across the field and recognized the player. He was one of Y’s best childhood friends. The two were off a bit from the rest of the team, reconnecting before our eyes. I settled into my seat in the setting sun filled stadium at peace with this season’s course so far.
Y checked in with me as the team made the quick bus trip from the stadium to the renowned hamburger joint with “burgers as big as your face”. I congratulated him on his brilliant efforts in assisting his team to the end zone. He said he had co-led the attack.
Seeking further clarification, I asked what it meant to co-lead an attack.
“I was responsible for the wide receivers on my side of the field,” he explained.
“Excellent!” I replied with a broad grin across my face, recalling he was the only wide receiver on his side of the field!

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