Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Am Happy To Be Number 20's Mom

Last night was the first JV game. It had been a long day as I helped B get packed and ready to leave. I was grateful for the sit in the stands to take a little rest. I scanned the sidelines. Y is skinny, but not short. I was glad in that moment that he had decided to play. I was happy to be there to support him. We first saw Y, number 20, play a series at wide receiver in the second quarter. To be honest, despite three quick plays, and then a punt, it was a thrill to see him out there. I videotaped him with lots of zoom. Frankly, I had no idea what was going on with the rest of the team, I was watching my kid  -as is a mom’s privilege.
As our team took a commanding lead in the second half, he saw more time. He ran crisp routes, but struggled making clean contact while blocking. He came home to a distracted emotional household, as B was stealing center stage with emotional good-byes. I encouraged Y over to the taco bar in the kitchen where I was able to ask him his thoughts on the game.
“It would have been nice to get a pass”, he said with a grin.
“What about blocking?” I pried.
“I talked to a teammate a little about what I was doing wrong, but am going to ask the coach tomorrow.”
Y doesn’t want to be viewed as being lazy. He has identified that there are some skill sets unique to this sport, and he is enjoying the challenge of learning every day.
I am proud of his courage and determination. I am happy to be number 20’s mom—and his biggest fan!

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