Monday, September 20, 2010

His Amazing One-Handed Catch In the Kitchen

I missed last Monday’s game as I was in Hawaii “taking B to school”. I think every child should go to college in Hawaii so there parents have a grand excuse to go and get them settled. Now, if only I can convince the school to host a “Mother’s Week”.
Nevertheless- in regards to football- not being at a game was weird- as if there never should have been a coin toss without me. Gratefully, I had local family members in attendance to support Y, and with the fabulous technology of texting, I essentially never missed a play. Much to Y’s surprise, Y played corner on defense. No offense at all- completely opposite of game one. The report I received is that the team is short handed in the coaching department. B explained this is difficult come game time in trying to get kids rotated in. Y wasn’t too discouraged despite the team winning a blowout competition and he only seeing limited time. He is thoroughly enjoying his experience. Every day after practice he replays his amazing one-handed catch in the kitchen as I make dinner. Football is good. Life is good. He is reconnecting with a friend, still wearing his dimpled smile, and anxiously stepping up to the growth chart on the doorway of the pantry to chart the next sixteenth of an inch in progress. With much celebration, he crossed the 5’10” threshold this morning.

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