Friday, October 9, 2009

I Am Supposed To Be Over Zealous--I'm the Mom!

2008 Friday Night Lights – Week 3

The energy in the air this week has been different. It's Homecoming Week 2008. There has been finding a girl, a tux, a corsage, a group for the date, a haircut, etc. The football game has definitely taken a back seat in the mind of No. 21. Nevertheless the 7:30pm kickoff happened, ready or not. It didn't take too long to figure out why we were playing West Valley on Homecoming Night. Apparently coaches and athletic directors know that the football players are distracted so organized the schedule to play the worst team in the division.
The stands were packed. Parents of band members, cheerleaders and Homecoming gala united at the stadium to respectively support their kids. The group next to us was 8 strong to watch a cheerleader. The Mom beamed and chanted along to each cheer. I was very amused watching her. At half-time the score was 35-7. The marching band entered the field on the drum's cadence. I prepared myself for a 'move your feet to the beat' type of performance. Oops! At least that's what the band director should have been thinking. They were terrible- so much so, it was kinda funny-so much worse than mine in high school-. They weakly squeaked out two numbers. Everyone was glad when they were done, as was evident by the weak applause. Then the princesses were recognized. My mind reflected to my own hideous Homecoming dress from 1983. There is much regret in that selection. I have a feeling a couple of these girls will have the same grimace as they see pics of themselves in 20 years. (Tee Hee!) This school has no guys as escorts or Homecoming Princes. It's just a princess and queen fiasco. I didn't know any of the girls selected. Therefore, I was the first one on my feet clapping as the team ran from the tunnel back onto the field. I wished I knew how to whistle loudly. That would've come in handy.
We were expecting B would see some playing time but not sure how much. I was disappointed to see the starters take the field on D after the kick. In the next few minutes we scored a couple more touchdowns. Then the number we'd been waiting for sprinted onto the field.
"There he is!" I shouted with glee!
"I know. I know" my husband WHISPERED back. (HaHa)
I am supposed to over zealous- right--I'm the Mom! He did great, I guess. He played the rest of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th quarter on both sides of the ball- offense and defense. He was one of the two guys who never left the field between. Bummer though, not one defensive play came his direction and he went on the field with the 2nd string QB who is not very comfortable throwing the ball. His one attempt was to B so we could hear the loud speaker announce. "Pass intended for B-- ---incomplete". Is that cool?--Nah! Not really. So he played a ton, but no action really.
I hobbled to the car after the game was over. (I hobbled- because I dropped a Pampered Chef 11x17 jelly roll pan on my foot. It resulted in some ligament damage.--30-60 days to heal.) We beat B home, barely. I was ready with food choices this time: BBQ Beef Brisket sandwich or pound cake with chocolate frosting. He selected the pound cake and a Gatorade. He told us he actually caught the pass that was called incomplete, and swears it never touched the ground, but "the ref's an idiot". He shared a few more less interesting insights from the sidelines as he finished his second piece of cake. My foot was throbbing, my pain meds making me cloudy, so I headed off to bed.
I turned as I left the kitchen with a "Great job tonight- B"
"Thanks" was muttered between final Gatorade swigs.
To be honest, I felt a little complacent.
To be continued...

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