Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Get the- "You're A Psycho Mom" -Look

2008 Friday Night Lights- Week 4

Tonight we take a road trip about an hour and a half away. However, the town is home to my kids' favorite food stop: burgers as big as your face, fries and milkshakes. I thought about packing a sandwich, but decided to conform to family fun. I choked down a half of a hamburger- truly not my favorite food, salted and packed in a few fries and wandered over to a table in the restaurant where I saw a lady that looked familiar. She was wearing a sweatshirt with our school’s logo, giving away her home town. I introduced myself, we chatted briefly, and left with a "See you there." I decided it was time I get to know some of the parents, be a little more friendly, pretend to care--(just kidding, I think).
We arrived at the game early- I like it that way. We leave from home early because we aren't sure where these stadiums are in distant towns, but I like truly enjoy watching our team warm up. As per the stadium layout, we purchase tickets and then need to walk around the track to our side of the stands. This is cool because we get pretty close to the players who are warming up. I immediately wave at B. It was just a little two finger wave to let him know I'm excited to see him. Funny thing though- no shout-out back. No "Hi Mom- I love you". Nothing. (Tee hee) We walk around the end of the track and the scout defense formation B is now playing has him about 10 yards away. Now I actually get to say hello. I do so in stealth mode so his teammates don't notice and therefore he is not embarrassed.
I know I already love this stadium. It shares a name as my high school, but no resemblance. It is fairly large, the field is manicured nicely, and the smell: Kettle Corn!! (That lightly sweet and salty popcorn). Since the family is still stuffed, I negotiate a "top of the fourth popcorn break". Agreed.
Our team scores on the opening drive. All in all, despite the poor refereeing, we look good --finally. Much better than in weeks past, and against a descent team. Despite the score of 21 to 7, I find myself chilling in the stands- literally. The nighttime air is crisp. My popcorn devoured, and I'm waiting to see #21. With five minutes left in the fourth quarter, we score again. Now I'm thinking they'll put second string in. The other team already has. Not us. Our first string defense puts them away in three downs and a punt. Then we're out with first team offense except for the running back.
Just before the play snaps, I hear the coach call out to B. He was only a few inches away- smart kid. As the play on the field lines up, we're on the 40 yard line, with the first string QB still in. I get all excited thinking maybe they are going to call a pass play for B who will go in on the next play. The coach has him on the sideline and is telling him what play to take to the huddle. Meanwhile, the ball snaps, it’s a hand-off to the second string running back. He advances the ball well, and just before a tackle, he sees a hole. He's getting close to the goal line. I am thinking "No! No!" "Get him, Get Him!" I quietly scream. (Okay if you're following this. Yes--I am cheering for the other team at this point. If they don't stop this run, and we score, B doesn't get in.) My cheering was not helpful. My husband (H) is clapping with the rest of the crowd as we score and I am like "Dangit!"
I get the 'you're a psycho mom' look from H. Kick receive team goes out on the field, B gets in on a quick defensive series. Nothing comes to his side, and the game's over. Dang- this tugs on my heart strings. I worry this isn't fun for him. We drive home, well--H drives, I sleep. We get home and call B on his cell phone. H talks to him. He said B sounds in good spirits and sounds like he is having a lot of fun. The team bus is still at the burger joint: eating burgers as big as your face, salty fries and for B- a large strawberry milkshake. So, maybe there's plenty of fun with the team, even if you don't play much.
To be continued...

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