Sunday, October 18, 2009

We'll Move Into Week 2 With Few Accolades

2009 Friday Night Lights -Week 1:
This morning I feel emotionless. I have no passion for my game summary, yet I know you are expecting it. Unfortunately it is just a shell of a game review. Perhaps in weeks to come I may reflect and piece together a greater understanding of the emotions-or lack thereof.
B had already been told he was a starter both ways. I could focus on how that is rare in a 4A school (largest class in the state) for a kid to do that, but the other team had even more players being “amazing” in that way. Nevertheless, B was excited, not overly nervous. Pre-game meal was pb & j. He left for the stadium to catch the bus at 4pm. We next saw him on the field just after 7pm warming up- many hopes, expectations, and assumptions for all of us.
The entire first half was a bust. Nothing was going the right way. B finally had a pass thrown his direction late in the second quarter. In his words, “I knew I had it and was looking for the holes to get it up field”. Sadly, he never ‘had it.’ That was a bummer for him, but team wide, not even notable because nothing was going right.
The team gaited off to the locker room at the half, down 21-0.
The second half, we turned things around- the running game that will no doubt hit history books. (For those of you who don’t understand football well, a dominant running game is bad news for a wide receiverJ) One kid had 291 yards on the game. This boy- (someone else’s childJ) scored three touchdowns. About every 10-12 plays our QB would attempt a pass. We only had 22 yards on the game. Half way into the fourth quarter B had a nice tough catch and was hit hard. His coaches were concerned he was shaken up a little too much on the play, and he saw limited time after that. We had tried to go for the win following the third TD, missed the conversion and the score ended with a one point deficit on our part.
B played solid- obviously did a lot of blocking. Defensively- fine, nothing for the history books. A friend who arrived at the half had been listening to the radio broadcast said the announcer referred to him as the team’s best defensive back. So, we’ll move into week two with few accolades and yet another statistical error by the local newspaper. His one catch had been omitted from the box scores. I didn’t even pick up the phone to call the Herald this morning. I must be maturing!

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