Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Seemed To Take Very Little Delight In It

2008 Friday Night Lights – Week 9

It's playoffs! (Technically- Districts) They don't have a district tournament here anymore, just enough games to decide seeding at Regionals. No build-up this week, just some facts. We were undefeated in league play. Last night we won, meaning we advance to regionals next weekend. On a note of my personal disappointment, we are playing at home. We already had hotel reservations in the city a few hours away, assuming we would be there. So now next weekend will not be unlike the previous nine. Games mixed with phone demands, cleaning, cooking, etc. Regular life will continue, we simply have a Friday Night game- again. Really not all that bad, I was just really looking forward to someone else doing the dishes and cooking next weekend.
Nevertheless, last night, prior to the game, we quickly supported the ward's trunk-or-treat effort. We arrived at the game only six minutes before game time, the crowd was sparse. It seems as though Halloween priorities are not a football game. Half-way through the 2nd quarter, the cool wind broke down into the stadium, It became borderline foggy. Cool moist autumn air. This week, I seemed to take very little delight in it. B told us everyone he'd been playing for was healthy. It was playoff time, the competition more challenging. He knew he would play less. And he did. H's brother came at half time joining him and his dad in critical football chatter. The score was 14-0, we were winning. If our offense and defense played a mirrored 2nd half to the first, B should get some time in. Unfortunately, the play was sloppy. The game looked tight, B never got in.
He came home cold. He said the coach kept telling him, "Be ready B." "Be ready." He was ready. Mentally he was ready, physically- ready. He came home with too much energy prepared for the field. He wrestled with his brother until his dad threatened to take away the XBOX. He wasn't really hungry, just munched on a little scotcheroo chunk. Nor was he too bummed out, rather ready to move on. H and I were done for the day--no extra energy for me at 10pm. As I turned to go to my room, B piped up "When's basketball season start?"
To be continued...

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