Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Froze For a Moment, Wanting To Pinch Myself

2008 Friday Night Lights- Week 8
It was Senior Night last night. As we listened to the names of the seniors and their "escorts" (typically parents), my daughter pointed out that this would be us next year. I froze for a moment wanting to pinch myself. This season is almost over, and there will only be one more season of high school football. For a brief moment I was saddened, but resolved myself to just enjoy the moment I was in. Our opponent was a team with tall athletic kids. They are known more for their amazing basketball team, than football, but still ranked in the top three teams of our division nonetheless.
We scored quickly on the first drive-- We seem to do that often- oh how I like it. They answered with a field goal, making it a seemingly fair fight. We noticed on one play one of our starter studs was motioning for a sub (B's job). Coach didn't notice- Bummer. The kid stayed it. In the second and third quarters, our scoring began to click and our defense held up well keeping the division's leading rusher not rushing much. B came in on token drives to rest one of our starting wide receivers. We wowed the stadium on one trick play with a double pass that was sure to make highlight reels. It looked cool. It also tore up the other team’s defense, leaving them sprawled and laying over the field. They looked beaten and somewhat foolish. At the end of the third, the game was scored at 27-3. Coach felt the win was secure. Thus, mid-way through the 4th quarter, our 2nd string took over. B ran routes and blocked, we rushed- same 'ol boring play. He was then able to play a series on defense- we haven't seen much of this. The other team’s leading rusher was given the ball. Unfortunately it was now their turn for the highlight reel. He left a string of defenders diving and missing him. B ran over as this was happening on the opposite side of the field from him. Then the rusher cut back towards B. I held my breath hoping B could adjust. He slipped on the wet grass, dove and missed him. Bummer!! A few series later another touchdown was scored against us.
B came home hungry and a bit frustrated. We chatted it out, reminded him he hasn't played much Varsity defense at all. I took the opportunity to coax him to think about what to do to improve himself. He still had homework to do and it was now 11:00pm. So much is expected from him from so many different forces. Our team now heads into playoffs. Time will tell how far we make it. B's role is realized. Now we wait and see whether playoffs will interfere with basketball tryouts taking place in just 3 1/2 weeks. Unfortunately, number 21 didn't end the regular season on a high note. The team did, and hopefully there will be some due recognition in his role in that.
To be continued...

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